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A catalog of films, indexed by time, with content, themes or depictions related to mental illness, addiction and their treatment.

Moulin Rouge (1952)

Posted on: 08/07/2022
Blog entry
Singer Jane Avril tells artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, "The myst of my dreams surrounds them..."
Henri: ”Forgive my confusion.” (0:14)

Henri asks Denise, "Because I’m a cripple... because I’m a cripple?" (0:25)

Street walker Marie Charlet tells Henri, "It makes no difference to me that you are a cripple." (0:34)

Henri asks gallery owner Maurice Joyant, "Is this another of your delusions?"
”Idiot.” (0:41)

Marie tells Henri, "I’m so crazy about you, I wouldn’t look at anybody else." (0:45)

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