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My Favorite Martian

Christopher Lloyd, Jeff Daniels, Elizabeth Hurley, Daryl Hannah, Wallace Shawn, Christine Ebersole, Michael Lerner, Ray Walston
Elvis Presley | epinephrine | Adrenalin
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Television executive Mr. Channing: "I want something to fill time if my idiot weatherman runs short."
He tells his producer, ”You know, Tim, when I look at you, I see myself at your age... and I was a moron.” (0:03)

Channing’s reporter daughter Brace tells news producer Tim O’Hara, "You made me look such an idiot." (0:07)

Brace asks Tim, "Are you crazy?" (0:09)

Tim: "I must be going nuts."
Martian “Uncle Martin” renders Tim unconscious with a blow to the head.
Zoot: ”Crazy monkeys.” (0:16)

Agent Armitan tells scientist Dr. Elliott Coleye, "Keep your mouth shut, you idiot." (0:21)

Uncle Martin tells Tim, "I believe it’s called a nervous breakdown."
Tim: ”There is intelligent life out in the universe.”
Martin tells Tim’s neighbor Lorelei Brown, referring to Tim, ”He lost his job last night, and he’s experiencing a nervous breakdown.”
”Don’t worry.”
Lorelei: ”Mr. Brown passed away several years ago.” (0:23)

Zoot: "The IQ of a pancake." (0:28)

A passerby tells Martin, "Yo, Elvis: nice suit." (0:28)

A customer calls Tim "Pervert." (0:29)

Zoot: "Oh, this is crazy." (0:31)

Martin tells Tim, referring to cookie dough, "It’s intoxicating." (0:39)

Tim tells Martin, "Chubby hubby hangover, huh?" (0:40)

Lizzie wears a The Incredible Hulk t-shirt. (0:48)

Martin tells Tim, "I’m sinking into a Martian depression"
”On Mars, when we get depressed, we literally fall apart.” (0:48)

Martin tells Tim, "... the other night, when you were unconscious, Lizzie came here."
”... I tapped into your subconscious...”
Tim: ”I’m confused.” (0:54)

Zoot: "Don’t send me to the shrink." (0:57)

Surgeon, referring to Martin: "I think he’s having a negative reaction to the tranquilizers."
Coleye: ”Well, 2 ccs of Adrenaline, stat.” (1:12)

Coleye asks the others, "Are you insane...”
”All of you idiots, you get out." (1:17)

Zoot tells Lizzie and Tim, “Goodbye, you crazy lovebirds.”
Martin: "Ah, stop being such a hysterical housecoat." (1:22)

A woman tells the others, ”Get the tranquilizer gun.”
Coleye: "No, not that, you idiots." (1:24)