NC Board Gilds the Lily

What irony for the state arguably responsible for more tobacco-related deaths than any other to discipline a physician for a series of missteps related to prescribing a controlled substance to a family member in which “The investigation did not reveal any instances of harm...”

According to this “Consent Order” Smithfield, NC cardiologist Franklin Wefald also “used profanity and made disparaging and inappropriate comments about fictitious ‘patients’” in tweets from a Twitter account that identified him by his real name. In doing so the Order raises questions about the limits of First Amendment rights accorded North Carolina physicians. In my opinion Dr. Wefald acted appropriately by avoiding use of actual cases, but perhaps the North Carolina board wants North Carolinians to believe that its medical licensees are all happy as Pamlico Sound clams. Or perhaps they were just gilding the lily.

In addition to “[receiving] counseling from a private therapist” (whatever that means), Dr. Wefald completed “treatment” (for?) at the Acumen Institute. We can only wonder whether this included “treatment” by Acumen's “certified forensic polygraph examiner” Kipp Low, MCJ, “a highly valued consultant to the clinical team.” Perhaps Mr. Low provides his own form of lie detector therapy. More likely Dr. Wefald just underwent run of the mill brainwashing thinly disguised as treatment.

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