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Gbenga Akinnagbe, Tawny Cypress, Danny Hoch, James McDaniel, K.K. Moggie, Joe Morton, Isiah Whitlock, Jr., Victor Williams
Risperdal | risperidone
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Resident Jack awakens combative from a what appears to have been a flashback. (0:03)

Staff assistant, referring to Jack: “His meds are on the desk.” (0:04)

Nurse Denise tells Jack, “I could increase your Risperdal... other medications...” (0:05)

Jack walks through the halfway house day room. (0:06)


Group psychotherapy.
Denise: “Well we talked about this... nervousness...” (0:12)

Psychiatrist Parker tells Jack, “Many think that group therapy and actively participating in it is an important part of recovery.” (0:16)

Denise tells Jack, “There’s not enough citys' homeless shelters with ex-patients who just left without the proper paperwork.“ (0:18)

Resident Melissa tells Jack, “All day I was really close to killing myself.” (0:27)

Group psychotherapy. Resident Viveca talks about her fears of the Internet: “It's wireless, right?"
"Stop acting like I’m crazy... their meds and no meds and craziness."
"Everyone hears voices. What do your tell you, that I’m crazy?" (0:37)

Viveca loses control in the day room, afraid of “the wireless.” (0:42)

Parker tells Jack, "It sounds to me like you have an opinion as to why Viveca had this break... because I didn't... indulge her hallucinations and delusions.” (0:43)

Smitty tells Jack, “Part of me.. wants to take that delusional psychotic head of yours...”
Jack: "There's medication for that."
Smitty: “Crazy, out of control..."
“You really think I’d be all like that with a... mental patient?” (0:45)

Denise tells Jack, “You will impress him with your lucid state of thinking and your overwhelming sanity..."
"Past and present psychiatric diagnosis... medications..."
Jack: “There are a lot of things I don’t remember...” (0:47)

Jalks talks to his father Donald about his mother’s death. (0:52)

Resident Hamilton tells Jack, “I’m one crazy bastard, man. You know what? You’re just as crazy as I am Jack.”
”You’re not so crazy now.”
”'Cause when I look around all I see is... a crazy happy home.” (0:54)

Jack tells his ex-wife Laura, “I’ve recovered.” (1:04)

Jack reads his medical records: “antipsychotic... psychotic” (1:06)

Jack tells his son John, “I forgot a lot of things.” (1:08)

Group psychotherapy.
Resident Sam: “It might be in remission...” (1:11)

Jack asks homeless former resident Dundee, “Where’s your medication, man?"
Dundee: "You know I always had good cradar. Cradar. Cradar. Crazy people radar."
Dundee, referring to his step-father: “He was crazy... You’re not that crazy.”
Jack: “Where’s your medication?”
Jack gives Dundee some of his own medicaiton. Dundee swallows it. (1:27)

Group psychotherapy. (1:33)

Parker tells Jack, “But yes, I do think group is an important part of recovery.”
Jack: “Staying clean...” (1:35)