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Miles Ahead

Don Cheadle, Ewan McGregor, Emayatzy E. Corinealdi, Lakeith Lee Stanfield, Michael Stuhlbarg
Miles Davis | Adolf Hitler | Howard Hughes | Charlie Parker | diazepam | Valium | methaqualone | Quaalude
Spoiler alert
Blog entry

Journalist Dave Braden tells musician Miles Davis, "... the drugs, the women, your muse." (0:01)

By telephone, a man tells Miles, as Miles rubs cocaine on his gums, "Don't play around with your life, junky. I fronted you the coke." (0:05)

Braden dictates: "... jazz’s Howard Hughes, reviled and revealed..." (0:12)

Miles tells Braden, "I moved to New York... did some dope..." (0:14)

Miles tells his friend Ana, "You're crazy."
”You're drunk.” (0:20)

Braden tells Miles, "It's not stepped on... it's the best coke in the city."
Miles: ”You is a crazy white mother..., you know that?” (0:23)

Braden tells Miles, "He was into some crazy shit." (0:24)

Drug dealer Justin pores cocaine out of a plastic bag and weighs it. (0:26)

Braden tells Miles, "I just scored you... coke... I don't want to have to write about... the gun and the drugs and stuff." (0:31)

Dieter tells Miles, "Kings and queens will come, and they will be drunk..."
Miles: ”Get the... off me, Hitler.”
Dieter: ”Hitler?” (0:33)

Hookah (0:34)

Miles snorts cocaine. Braden snorts.
Braden: ”Yeah, I'm going to need a drink or something, or a Valium or a Quaalude, or maybe a break.” (0:35)

Miles tells Braden, "This shit, Bird and Diz was doing that on stage every night, on the fly."
Braden: ”Are you going... senile?” (0:40)

Braden tells MIles, "I was all messed up last night with the coke and the booze..." (0:51)

Miles tells musician Junior, "You’ll steal anything for some dope." (1:01)

Miles uses cocaine. (1:05)

Miles tells his dancer wife Frances, "I told you don't worry about that." (1:07)

Record producer Harper: "Junky and the flunky." (1:12)

Braden tells Miles, "This is nuts, man... This is madness." (1:17)

Doctor: "I'm sorry, Mr. Davis, with this type of degenerative hip disorder, surgery and pain medications are your only recourse." (1:18)

Frances tells Miles, "This is crazy... It's those pills. They're making you crazy." (1:20)

Miles, by telephone: "I'll kill myself, Frances." (1:23)

Miles tells Junior, "Have a nice trip, junkie."
Braden tells Miles, ”You've... done this before, the self-pity and burnout... part.” (1:27)