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The War of the Roses

Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, Danny DeVito, Marianne Sagebrecht, Sean Astin, Heather Fairfield, Dan Castellaneta, G.D. Spradlin, Peter Donat, Peter Brocco
coffee | flurazepam | Dalmane | nicotine | tobacco | promethazine | Sominex
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Lawyer Gavin D'Amato tells his client, referring to cigarette smoking, "I got to cut this out." (0:02)

Barbara and Oliver walk through a graveyard. (0:07)

Waitress Barbara tells her lawyer husband Oliver, "I mean, actually I read that kids who are deprived of sweets and candies all the time, oh, they get obsessed by it, and they turn out to be obese." (0:11)

Barbara tells Oliver, "This may be our last opportunity to worry about spending money." (0:13)

Wake with open casket for Maureen’s mother (0:21)

Barbara tells Oliver, referring to her new car, "I know it's kind of crazy, but I just wanted it." (0:25)

Barbara tells Oliver, "Look how crazy you are about yourself right now." (0:33)

Barbara tells a client, "Don't worry." (0:37)

Dr. Gordon tells Oliver, "The pain symptoms are almost identical to angina. Stress, coffee..." (0:37)

Live-in maid Susan tells Barbara and Oliver's daughter Carolyn, "I'm sure your mother didn't want to worry you needlessly." (0:44)

Oliver tells his Gavin, "Don't worry about me." (0:56)

Carolyn tells her boyfriend, "Really, you idiot." (0:58)

Susan tells Barbara, "I was wondering if I could borrow a sleeping tablet." (1:03)

Oliver tells Barbara, "One damn Dalmane, and your kitty would be alive. I had to get up in the middle of the night looking for Sominex." (1:07)

Barbara: "You're making me nuts, Oliver." (1:08)

Gavin tells Barbara, "You don't mind if I tape this just so no one gets confused about what was said."
Barbara: ”Ever since this thing started I've had trouble sleeping.” (1:11)

Carolyn's brother Josh tells Oliver, "You told me... about drugs, don't do ’em..." (1:14)