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Interrupted Melody

Glenn Ford, Eleanor Parker, Roger Moore, Cecil Kellaway
Spoiler alert
Blog entry

Telegram to opera singer Marjorie Lawrence: "Father passed away last night..." (0:13)

Dr. Thomas King tells Marjorie, "There's nothing more depressing than a solitary triumph." (0:18)

Thomas tells Marjorie, "Tomorrow you will have a monumental hangover." (0:20)

Marjorie "I did recognize you Tom, but in all the confusion..." (0:43)

Her brother Cyril tells Marjorie, "Oh, don't be an idiot." (0:48)

Marjorie: "Oh, Tom, I was worried." (0:59)

Marjorie: "Stop worrying, Cyril." (1:02)

Marjorie tells Tom, "I'll bet you're worried about those high notes, aren't you?"
Referring to coffee: ”No stimulants for me, thanks.” (1:17)

Label on prescription bottle: "Sleeping Capsules" (1:23)

Tom finds Marjorie clutching a handful of capsules, apparently for killing herself. (1:25)

By telephone, Tom tells Marjorie, "Not worried, just busy."
Marjorie: ”Oh, don’t worry.” (1:33)