Phun with Phobias

Although I have created several videos for YouTube myself, I had not spent much time surfing those created by others until I finished adding a huge list of phobias to BehaveNet. I have tended to focus on songs, especially rock videos from the golden age of MTV (See ablutophobia.), but I have also discovered numerous movie clips and trailers (selachophobia), amateur videos (pyrophobia) and educational videos (emetophobia). Some qualify as works of art in themselves (gynephobia).

(This is fun.)

For the phobias it has been easiest to find a video illustrating the feared object (atomosophobia), but sometimes I can illustrate avoidance otherwise motivated (chorophobia). A few raise delicate issues (virginitiphobia), and I worry about offending with others (homophobia). Some are right on the mark (pentheraphobia) while others are a bit of stretch (geumaphobiapatroiophobia).

Here's where you come in. These and many others have me stumped so far: Celtophobiaagraphobiabibliophobiacomputerphobiaheresyphobiamottephobiatomophobia. Please leave suggestions under comments. Enjoy.

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