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Postcards from the Edge

Meryl Streep, Shirley MacLaine, Dennis Quaid, Gene Hackman, Richard Dreyfuss, Rob Reiner, Mary Wickes, Conrad Bain, Annette Bening, Simon Callow
John Belushi | Billie Holiday | Carrie Fisher | Marilyn Monroe | Elvis Presley | Postcards from the Edge | cocaine | ethchlorvynol | Placidyl | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana | meperidine | Demerol | oxycodone | Percodan | Judy Garland
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Director Lowell tells actress Suzanne, “... I don’t intend to have some spoiled, selfish, coked-up little actress ruin my movie... I’ll kill you before you kill yourself...”
Lowell tells Cindy, “If I catch you back on this set again supplying her with drugs, I’ll... call the cops.” (0:04)

Bag of marijuana and bottles of booze on a table. (0:06)

An ER nurse tells the doctor, “Demerol, Percodan and cocaine.” (0:08)

In a dream Suzanne walks past pictures of Judy Garland, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, John Belushi, Billie Holiday. (0:09)

Julie tells Suzanne, “I’m... director of the rehab unit.”
“Which part is confusing you?”
Suzanne: “I’m in a rehab?”
”I’m in a rehab?”
”Why can’t I can’t remember anything?”
Julie: ”You were probably in a blackout, and you don’t remember taking any drugs?”
”Did you deliberately try to take your life?”
”... having to have your stomach pumped usually indicates fairly suicidal behavior.” (0:10)

Family meeting.
Julie: “I’d like to introduce... Suzanne, who’s just out of detox.” (0:13)

Julie tells Suzanne, “Addiction isn’t the problem...” (0:13)

Patient Allen tells Suzanne’s mother Doris, “Bart does you in his drag show.” (0:14)

Suzanne tells her patient friend Aretha, “I’d have to be sensitive to need all that dope.”
She tells another patient, referring to Lowell, “Tell him I’m detoxing.”
Aretha: “You don’t have to do anything... except never take drugs again and go to AA meetings for the rest of your life.” (0:19)

Her business manager Marty tells Suzanne, referring to the insurers, “These guys won’t cover you in the event that you do drugs.”
Suzanne: “I’m not doing any drugs, Marty.”
Marty: “Other actors and actresses who have not come to work due to a drug or alcohol problem are costing the insurance companies a lot of money...”
Suzanne: “So what am I supposed to do, go to a halfway house for wayward SAG members or something?”
Martin: “... go to your AA meetings...”
Suzanne: “... I can go to meetings and work...”
Doris: “... very good therapy for me...” (0:20)

Producer Joe tells Suzanne, “... we’re gonna need a drug screen.” (0:24)

Suzanne tells Doris, “They made me do a drug test.”
Suzanne: “I’d really like a Percodan right now.”
Doris: “I didn’t tell you this before because of the drug clinic...”
Suzanne: “I’m gonna kill myself.”
Doris: “You’ve just come out of a drug clinic...” (0:27)

Suzanne asks Simon, “They make you do a drug test too?” (0:38)

Director Simon tells the wardrobe mistress, referring to Suzanne, “I suppose having giving up drugs she has to do something.” (0:41)

Producer Jack tells Suzanne, “... and then she takes a handful of pills, and she overdoses.”
Suzanne: “I don’t know if there is a polite way to behave during an overdose with a complete stranger.”
Jack: ”... and then you took my Placidil and fell fast asleep.”
Suzanne: “I’m not sure it was a memory bell.” (0:46)

Suzanne tells Jack, “Look, I just got out of a drug clinic.”
”You’re crazy.” (0:52)

Doris asks Suzanne, “What if you’d been out taking drugs or something?”
”Do you mind if I have a drink?”
Suzanne: “Do you mind if I drop acid?”
”I took acid socially.”
Doris: “I hardly think that my drinking can be compared with your drug taking... I think that you involvement with drugs has vindicated me.”
”You’ve just gotten out of a drug clinic...”
”... when I had my breakdown I would have killed myself if it hadn’t been for you.” (0:56)

Actress Evelyn tells Suzanne, referring to her relationship with Jack, “I’m in it for the endolfin rush.”
Suzanne: “Endorphin.” (1:03)

Poster for La Grande Illusion on the wall of Jack’s home. (1:03)

Jack lights a joint.
Suzanne tells Jack, referring to Evelyn, “She said that she was in it for the endorphins...”
”I just got out of a drug clinic.”
Jack: “You just got out of a drug clinic.”
Suzanne: “Mr. pothead...”
Jack: “You know, you were a lot more fun when you were loaded...” (1:04)

Suzanne takes pills from a prescription bottle. (1:08)

Suzanne tells Doris, “Thank God I got sober now...”
Doris: ”Somehow you lay the entire blame for your drug taking on me.”
Suzanne: “I took the drugs.”
Doris. ”You think I’m an alcoholic.”
Suzanne: “I think you’re an alcoholic.”
Doris: “Well, maybe I was an alcoholic when you were a teenager, but I had a nervous breakdown..”
Suzanne: “That’s when I started taking drugs.”
Doris: “You are jealous because I can drink, and you can’t take drugs any longer...“
Suzanne: “From the time I was nine years old you gave me sleeping pills.”
Doris: “That was over the counter medication...”
Suzanne: “You don’t give children sleeping pills...”
Doris: “They were not sleeping pills... don’t blame me for your drug taking...”
Suzanne swallows the pills. (1:11)

Lowell tells Suzanne,“Better because you’re sober.”
Suzanne: ”Worse because I’m sober.”
Lowell: ‘What could be a better metaphor?”
Suzanne: “Maybe I should just go back to the clinic.” (1:17)

Officer Katz tells Suzanne, referring to Doris’ accident, “She hit her head... Look, I’m afraid we had to book her for driving under the influence.” (1:23)

Doris’ mother tells Suzanne, “I’ve got a wino daughter and a doped up granddaughter.”
Doris tells Suzanne: “If I thought I made you feel like that I would kill myself.”
”Do you remember... you always used to write notes... ‘Please excuse Suzanne... She has insomnia and needs to get some sleep.’”
Suzanne imagines a headline: ”Doris Mann In Drunken Brawl With Tree.”
Doris imagines a headline: “Doris Mann... Attempts Suicide With Lethal Oak.” (1:24)

Dr. Frankenthal asks Suzanne, “How’re you doing with the drugs?”
Suzanne: “I just go to an AA meeting.”
”Okay, we could go see Valley of the Dolls.”
Frankenthal: “Yeah, fate and too many painkillers.” (1:32)