The Power of the Bumper Sticker

Monday morning I noticed a man riding a large motorcycle very close to the car in front of him in the right lane next to my car. I tried to move forward myself to prevent him from trying to cut in front of me. When my lane started to pass the vehicles on the right he got close behind me. When the right lane opened up I stayed in the left lane to let him pass, but he stayed behind me, followed me turning left, then, when I turned right into the hospital compound, he not only followed me in but came up beside me on the left and started yelling questions at me through my open window.

Somehow I did not feel threatened.

I thought I heard a reference to my vanity plates and tried to explain, but he said he wanted to know about my bumper sticker:

I explained that bupe helps people addicted to heroin or Oxy.

He said, “You mean like methadone and lithium.”

I replied, “Not lithium, but like methadone, except an ordinary doctor like me can prescribe it from my office.”

“So you’re a doctor?”


“So you’re against buprenorphine?”

“No. I’m against the DEA and the “war on drugs.”

He extended his hand toward me: “Good man!”

We shook, and he powered off.

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