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Red Dragon (2002)

CastAnthony Hopkins, Edward Norton, Ralph Fiennes, Harvey Keitel, Emily Watson, Mary-Louise Parker, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Anthony Heald, Ken Leung, Frankie Faison
Year released2002
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Prequel to The Silence of the Lambs, remake of Manhunter

FBI agent Will Graham tells psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter, “We’ve been looking for someone with a crazy grudge and some kind of anatomical knowledge.”
Referring to the body parts: ”He’s eating them.”
”You’re the best forensic psychiatrist I know...”
Lecter: “I think I’ll eat your heart.” (0:04)

Newspaper headlines: “Hannibal the Cannibal”
”Symphony Chairwoman Faints in Court.”
”Cannibal to be Caged Forever” (0:09)

Sign: “Baltimore State Forensic Hospital” (0:28)

Chief of staff Dr. Chilton tells Graham, referring to Lecter, “He’s simply impenetrable to psychological testing. Rorschach, Thematic Apperception.”
”If you’d care to share some insights...” (0:28)

Graham tells Lecter, “Dr. Bloom sent me your article on surgical addiction in the Journal of Forensic Psychiatry.”
”You’re insane.” (0:31)

By telephone Graham tells agent Crawford, referring to Lecter, “It’s hard to separate his bullshit.” (0:37)

As Dad catches them on video Mom tells the kids, “He’s a crazy man.” (0:38)

Newspaper headline: “Insane Fiend Consulted on ‘Tooth Fairy’ Murders” (0:43)

Lecter tells Graham, “A robin redbreast in a cage put all heaven in a rage.”
”Have you never felt a sudden rush of panic?”
”... you were hurt not by a fault in your perception or your instincts, but because you failed to act on them until it was too late.” (0:45)

A librarian reads to Graham, “... Robin fainting... in a cage, puts all Heaven in a rage.” (0:48)

By telephone a receptionist greets Lecter: “Psychology department...”
Lecter: “Dr. Bloom asked me to send a copy of The Psychiatrist and the Law to Will Graham...” (0:49)

Agent Bowman tells Graham, “In a mental hospital I would think drugs...”
Graham: ”They tried sodium Amytal on him three years ago.” (1:03)

Graham tells reporter Lounds, “The Tooth Fairy’s... impotent with members of the opposite sex.” (1:08)

Dolarhyde tells Lounds, “According to you I’m a vicious, perverted, sexual failure...”
”I am the dragon, and you call me insane.” (1:13)

Veterinarian Dr. Warfield tells photo lab technician Reba, referring to a tiger, “Now he’s a little noisy, but he’s sedated.” (1:24)

Dolarhyde places the muzzle of a shotgun in his mouth as though preparing to kill himself. (1:34)

Her friend and coworker Ralph tells Reba, “If Dolarhyde is really as moody as you say he is” (1:44)

Dolarhyde uses a cloth apparently soaked in volatile anesthetic to subdue Reba.” (1:46)

Dolarhyde tells Reba, “I’ll shoot you and then myself.” (1:48)

Does Dolarhyde suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

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