Robin Williams: Alternate Ending

Robin Williams’ publicist announced today that the actor-comedian has once again decided not to end his life at this time. Under California’s new Death with Dignity law he has discussed his planned suicide with friends and family at length, free from fear that psychiatrists and others would label him crazy or depressed or psychotic and lock him up until he learns to say the right things to get released, or runs out of insurance coverage. He expressed gratitude for the expressions of love and the willingness of others to listen, not by a therapist or counselor, but the really important people in his life. He made no promises about the future.

The “suicide prevention” movement cannot prevent suicide, but it can assure that those who kill themselves will do so in painful isolation and with added shame and stigma for their loved ones as well as themselves. We can make this alternate ending a reality by expanding Death with Dignity laws like those in Oregon and Washington to include people without terminal illnesses and by allowing psychiatric professionals to focus on treating mental illness instead of controlling the behavior of competent adults.

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