Stop Prohibition of Psilocybin

Recent news reports on research in human use of psilocybin, the hallucinogen found in “magic mushrooms,” suggest the drug may have legitimate medical uses to treat addictions and psychiatric symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

Like other intoxicants, however, the DEA has maintained this drug’s classification in Schedule I, largely stemming from the huge expense associated with obtaining FDA approval and the politically motivated condemnation of “getting high,” which hypocritically seems not to apply to alcohol intoxication.

Psilocybin prohibition, like other prohibitions, increase, rather than decreases, overall harm and should be abandoned, for example, by encouraging amateur use of mushrooms, some of which can kill.

In my opinion we should allow regulated sale of this drug to adults in a manner comparable to that of marijuana in many states, perhaps even for “recreational use,” with educational warning labels and predictable dosing.

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