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Cognitive System

In draft research domain criteria, the domain of systems "responsible for various cognitive processes."


  • Construct: Attention
  • Construct: Perception
    • Subconstruct: Visual Perception
    • Subconstruct: Auditory Perception
    • Subconstruct: Olfactory/Somatosensory/Multimodal/Perception
  • Construct: Declarative Memory
  • Construct: Language
  • Construct: Cognitive Control
    • Subconstruct: Goal Selection; Updating, Representation, and Maintenance
    • Subconstruct: Response Selection; Inhibition/Suppression
    • Subconstruct: Performance Monitoring
  • Construct: Working Memory
    • Subconstruct: Active Maintenance
    • Subconstruct: Flexible Updating
    • Subconstruct: Limited Capacity
    • Subconstruct: Interference Control