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That Brennan Girl

James Dunn, Mona Freeman, William Marshall, June Duprez
chloral hydrate | ethyl alcohol-chloral hydrate
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Marion asks Nel, “Don't you know the guy you're mad for always turns out to be the one that pays the lowest income tax?” (0:00)

Natalie Brennan tells her daughter Ziggy's school principal, "Building up a thing like that, that could give a girl a complex, Miss Pendergast." (0:07)

Father Malloy tells Mrs. Reagan, "Perhaps you’re unduly worried, ma'am."
”Don't worry Mrs. Reagan.” (0:15)

Denny Reagan asks Ziggy, "What did you feed the poor guy, the usual line or a Mickey Finn?"
Ziggy: ”I’ve never had to use knockout drops yet.”
”Well, pardon me if I'm a trifle confused.” (0:26)

Ziggy tells CPO Martin J. 'Mart' Neilson, "You were just a little high, sailor."
Mart: ”I sure was tight.”
”You know, you had me worried for a minute.” (0:28)

Mart tells Ziggy, referring to his father, "He died when I was four."
Referring to his mother: ”See I, uh, miss her a lot.” (0:31)

A police detective tells Denny's crime boss, "You might try jumping out the window." (0:37)

Denny tells his mother, "Don't you worry about a thing." (0:38)

Natalie tells Ziggy, "You'll go nuts." (0:43)

Natalie’s second husband Fred tells Ziggy, "... Now it's got a hangover..."
Ziggy faints when she reads a telegram informing her that Mart was killed in action. (0:46)

Ziggy recalls her mother’s words: "You'll go nuts. You'll go nuts." (0:47)

Her husband Arthur tasks Ziggy's neighbor Helen, "Will you for Pete's sake, honey, get some sleep and stop worrying?" (0:52)

Denny: "Sorry, doc, but I've already diagnosed that case." (0:57)

Ziggy tells Denny "I went through the proper period of mourning..." (0:57)

Natalie tells Denny, referring to Ziggy, "She's nearly crazy." (1:10)

Another prisoner tells Ziggy, "A girl's got to have some fun, don't she, or go nuts?" (1:10)

Child probation officer, on the witness stand: "The child was almost unconscious, and the mother was not there." (1:14)

Jenny tells Ziggy, "Looks like I walked into a neighborhood of nuts by mistake." (1:31)