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That Uncertain Feeling

Merle Oberon, Melvyn Douglas, Burgess Meredith, Alan Mowbray, Olive Blakeney, Eve Arden
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Her friend Margie tells Jill, “... and yet it makes you so nervous.”
Jill: ”I will not be psychoanalyzed.”
Margie: “Do you know she was suffering so from claustrophobia, she couldn't ride in an elevator?...”
”... she ran away with an elevator boy.” (0:01)

Dr. Vengard tells Jill, “You see, most people know nothing about themselves... Their own real personality is a complete stranger to them... I’m trying... to introduce you to your inner self. ”
Jill: ”It's difficult to show you the symptoms at the moment...”
Vengard: ”... It worries you a lot, so please drop all your inhibitions, release your inner self...”
Jill: ”Whenever I get nervous or irritated, I get the hiccups.”
Vengard: “... it's a little early to make any diagnosis, But you apparently getting these hiccups because of a nervous condition.”
”Well, didn't it make you nervous?” (0:03)

Jill tells Margie, “I'm completely confused...” (0:08)

Jill tells pianist Alexander, another patient of Vengard, “After all, I'm not the psychoanalyst.”
Alexander: ”You don't go to a psychoanalyst to have a tooth filled.” (0:17)

Alexander tells Jill, “I'm inhibited artistically.”
Jill: ”Oh, you mean your inhibitions.”
Alexander: ”Coming back to my inhibitions...” (0:23)

Jill tells her insurance executive husband Larry, “I was nervous about the dinner party...” (0:42)

Jill faints when she realizes the man behind her is her husband. (0:47)

Jill faints. (0:49)

Larry tells Alexander, referring to Jill, “If you ever run into one of her bad moods, all you have to do is...”
”If you ever should run into one of her bad moods, and you want to snap her right out of it...”
Insane about it.” (0:56)

Jill tells Alexander, “I'm so nervous.”
Alexander: ”We all have our little moods.” (1:00)

Jill, referring to Larry: “He had to get drunk to do it.” (1:06)

Larry tells Jill, referring to legal secretary Sally, “She hasn't time to go to crazy art galleries... and go to psychoanalysts. She hasn't a husband to pay for her complexes.
”Do you want a suicide on your conscience?” (1:15)