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The Descendants

George Clooney, Shailene Woodley, Judy Greer
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Dr. Johnston tells attorney Matt that his wife Liz will not recover from her head injury. (0:11)

Matt, after finding his daughter Alexandra intoxicated: "What is it that makes the women in my life want to destroy themselves?... Alexandra with her drugs..." (0:20)

Matt tells his daughter Alexandra that her mother will not survive. (0:25)

Matt's mother-in-law Alice appears demented, unable to recognize family. (0:38)

Referring to her friend Sid, Matt tells Alex, "Your friend is completely retarded."
Sid: "Hey, man. My little brother is retarded. Don't use that word in a derogatory fashion."
Matt: "Oh."
Sid: "Psych! I don't have a retarded brother." (0:40)

Matt tells Alex, "This is stalking or something."
Alex: "It's not like we're stalking him exactly." (0:42)

Matt tells comatose Liz he believe she might tell him: "Tell me again that I'm too out of touch with my feelings and that I need to go to therapy." (0:46)

Her sister Scottie tells Alex what to say to their comatose mother, "Tell her how you were drunk the other night. Tell her how maybe you're an alcoholic." (0:47)

Matt tells friends and family Liz will be taken off life support. "Everyone who loves Elizabeth deserves a chance to say good-bye." (0:52)

Sid tells Matt, "And I always have weed."
Sic continues about his mom, "But lately she's been getting the house together after my dad died. My dad died a few months ago. November 24th. Drunk driver. Actually, uh, both drivers were drunk." (1:06)

Scottie learns her mother will die. (1:27)

Scottie, Alex and Matt spread Liz's ashes in the Pacific off Waikiki. (1:46)