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The Fallen Idol

Ralph Richardson, Michèle Morgan, Sonia Dresdel, Bobby Henrey, Denis O'Dea, Jack Hawkins, Walter Fitzgerald, Dandy Nichols, Joan Young
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Butler Baines, his wife Mrs. Baines, and his girlfriend Julie inundate the ambassador's young son Phillipe with demands to keep secrets, requiring him to lie, and demands to tell the truth, leading to conflicting loyalties for the boy and fears that he will betray those he cares about most.

Mrs. Patterson tells another cleaning lady, referring to the wife of butler Baines, “One of her moods again.” (0:05)

Baines: “He’d go crazy, Julie.” (0:16)

The police station officer asks young Phile, “Walking in your sleep, were you?”
He tells constable Jones, “Woman killed herself.” (0:53)

Jones tells Dr. Fenton, referring to Phile, “He said he was sleepwalking.”
Fenton: “He doesn’t walk in his sleep.” (0:58)

Baines tells the detectives, referring to Mrs. Baine, “She was hysterical. She used to get into these rages and do anything.” (1:19)