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The Gambler

James Caan, Paul Sorvino, Lauren Hutton, Morris Carnovsky
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One of his students answers professor Axel Freed, "Insanity."
Freed: ”Look, any cretin can prove that two and two make four, right?” (0:09)

Bookmaker Hips tells freed, "I told my people you're legitimate, so for now they ain't too crazy." (0:24)

His physician mother Naomi tells Freed, referring to the people he owes money to, "They shoot it right in the arms of 10 year old school children." (0:32)

Freed tells his class, referring to George Washington, "... that he lived in constant rage, but lost his temper only once." (0:40)

By telephone, Freed tells bookmaker Jimmy, "It's only insane if I lose, and I'm not going to lose." (0:45)

Freed asks his girlfriend Billie, "You know I once tried to commit suicide over a girl named Billie?" (0:48)

Billie tells Freed, "You're crazy.” (0:55)

Billie tells Freed, referring to her friend Eugene, "Kept gettin’ drunk..." (0:59)

Billie answers Freed, "Whatever it is you were out there doing with those morons." (1:05)

Freed tells Billi, referring to gambling, "I like the uncertainty of it. I like the threat of losing..." (1:08)

Gambler Monkey’s associate Howie offers Freed cocaine. Monkey asks Freed, "What's the matter, you don't snort anymore?"
Referring to Howie: ”If I was sitting on three winners do you think I'd be associating with an ugly junky like this?” (1:14)

Hips tells Freed, "I've observed firsthand, what with seeing the kinds of people that were addicted to gambling..." (1:17)

Hips asks Freed, "What, are you crazy?"
”You got to be certified.” (1:40)

A prostitute asks Freed, "You crazy?"
Pimp Joe asks Freed, ”Are you out your mind?”
”This... crazy.”
Prostitute: ”Joe, he's crazy.” (1:45)