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The Little Hours

Alison Brie, Dave Franco, Aubrey Plaza, Kate Micucci, John C. Reilly, Molly Shannon, Fred Armisen, Jemima Kirke, Lauren Weedman, Nick Offerman, Paul Reiser, Adam Pally, Paul Weitz, Jon Gabrus
deadly nightshade
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Sister Fernanda tells Sister Ginevra, referring to Sister Alessandra, “She's... delusional.”
”Yeah, she's so delusional.” (0:05)

Sister Fernanda tells gardener Lurco, “Look at the ground, you... pervert.”
Alessandra: ”You... imbecile.” (0:10)

Alessandra’s mother tells her servant lover Massetto, referring to her husband , “... he talks about it so much it's like a mental illness.” (0:14)

Alessandra’s mother tells Massetto, “You're insane.” (0:19)

Father Tommasso tells Massetto, ” I'm drunk.”
”... I didn't realize how drunk I was getting...” (0:22)

Father Tommasso tells Mother Marea, referring to Massetto, “He's a deaf-mute... I thought the fact that he's a deaf-mute...”
Marea: “I can't believe you met a deaf-mute on your trip.”
”But you said he was a deaf-mute.” (0:26)

Mother Marea tells Sister Fernanda, referring to Massetto, “He’s a deaf-mute.” (0:30)

Alessandra tells Massetto, “... they just stuck me with this, like, shriveled up, old, comatose woman... It's so sad and depressing.” (0:34)

Father Tommasso tells Massetto, ”I mean this deaf-mute thing is there to protect you...”
Massetto: ”I'm a deaf-mute, remember...” (0:38)

Sister Marta: “In fact, it's so good that I've heard of women who make this potion out of this plant belladonna just to seduce men.” (0:43)

Alessandra tells Massetto, “I talk so crazy, I know.” (0:45)

Fernanda tells Ginevra, “We were just drunk and having fun..” (0:54)

Ginevra tels Massetto, ”I can hear your thoughts... I see the...” (1:01)

Ginevra tells Alessandra, “I took the Belladonna. I took the Belladonna...”
”So I did Belladonna...” (1:04)

Fernanda tells Marta, referring to Massetto, “It's okay, he's a deaf-mute.”
”I'm telling you, he was a deaf mute.”
Alessandra: ”This is crazy.” (1:05)

Fernanda tells Father Bartolomeo, referring to Ginevra, “She is on drugs.”
”I thought you were a deaf-mute.” (1:09)

Father Bartolomeo tells Ginevra, “These are your sins: Ingestion of drugs... drinking... homosexuality...”
”Sister Fernanda, these are your sins... homosexuality...” (1:11)