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The Miracle of Morgan's Creek

Eddie Bracken, Betty Hutton, Diana Lynn, William Demarest, Porter Hall, Emory Parnell, Al Bridge, Julius Tannen, Victor Potel, McGinty, Akim Tamiroff, Brian Donlevy
Adolf Hitler
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A military policeman tells Constable Kockenlocker, "It's more psychological." (0:04)

Mrs. Jonson asks bank clerk Norval, "Couldn't the doctor give you something to calm you?" (0:10)

Norval tells Contable Kockenlocker’s daughter Trudy, "The superintendent probably comes down from the asylum for old times’ sake." (0:13)

Trudy tells Norval, "I can't remember anymore." (0:21)

Trudy tells Norval, "You talk as if I were swaffled or something." (0:23)

The MP tells an officer, "Psycholology." (0:25)

Trudy tells Norval, "I'm not so crazy about uniforms." (0:34)

His boss Mr. Tuerck asks Norval, "What are you so nervous about?"
”Who's nervous? I mean, who's nervous?”
Tuerck: “It isn't any of my business what time you get home in the morning or how drunk you are when you do get home...” (0:44)

Trudy asks Norval, "Maybe we could tie rocks around our necks."
”What's the matter with gas?” (0:47)

Const. Kockenlocker asks Norval, "What are you so nervous about?"
Norval: ”Who's nervous?”
Kockenlocker: ”There isn't any idiocy in your family, is there?” (0:48)

Trudy lists movies: "The Bride Wore Purple, The Road to Reno, and Are Husbands Necessary?" (0:55)

Norval tells Trudy, "There's nothing to be nervous about." (0:55)

Norval tells the justice of the peace, "That certainly made me nervous."
Justice of the Peace: ”If you knew what it was like, it would make you nervouser.” (1:00)

Trudy's sister Emmy tells their father, "I'm nervous." (1:01)

Const. Kockenlocker asks Norval, "Are you nuts or something?" (1:03)

Mr. Tuerck: "It's what you call the mother instinct." (1:27)

Kockenlocker faints when he hears that Trudy has given birth to sextuplets. (1:31)

Adolf Hitler reacts to the news.

Reference in Hail the Conquering Hero