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The Savages

CastPhilip Seymour Hoffman, Laura Linney, Philip Bosco, Peter Friedman, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Cara Seymour, Debra Monk, David Zayas, Michael Blackson, Erica Berg, Cynthia Darlow
Year released2007
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Spoiler alert!

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Lenny writes on the bathroom wall with his feces. (0:04)

Playwright Wendy writes that her play “tells the story of a brother and sister who, after being abandoned by their abusive father, are forced to fend for themselves when their depressive mother goes out on a date from which she never returns.” (0:06)

Wendy tells her neighbor Larry, “I’m middle aged and depressing.” (0:8)

Wendy tells her professor brother Jon by telephone, referring to Lenny, “Dad is writing on the walls with his shit.”
”He’s writing with his shit.”
”He’s acting out with his shit.”
”He is writing with his shit Jon.” (0:11)

Jon speaks the name of his lecture into the telephone. “Oedipal Rage and Beckett” (0:15)

Jon tells Wendy, “Well, we’re not in therapy right now.” (0:16)

Wendy tells bereaved daughter Nancy, referring to Lenny’s “girlfriend,”
“We’re really sorry about your mom.” (0:18)

The doctor tells Wendy and Jon, referring to Lenny, “Vascular dementia or multi-infarct usually follow one or more strokes... But the disinhibition, the aggression, masked facies... good indicators.”
Wendy: ”Is it like Alzheimer’s?”
Doctor: “There are a lot illnesses that can cause dementia. I’m not prepared to make a diagnosis yet, but I think his symptoms are much more characteristic of Parkinson’s disease.” (0:22)

Wendy and Jon read booklets on dementia and Parkinson’s.
Jon: “He’s disoriented.”
”Wendy, this is not the time to regress.” (0:24)

Wendy examines prescription bottles in Lenny’s medicine cabinet. She takes the one labeled “Percocet” and swallows a pill from it. (0:28)

In a telephone call Jon tells Wendy, referring to Lenny, “He’s got dementia.”
”They take Medicaid...” (0:31)

A nurse hands Wendy a “new prescription” for Lenny. (0:32)

John, referring to Lenny: “He doesn’t know where he is Wendy.” (0:40)

Poster in Jon’s home: “PANIC!”
Wendy tells Jon, “Looks like the Unabomber lives here.”
Wendy asks Jon, referring to a bottle of Zocor, “Is it for deprssion?” (0:41)

Nursing home administrator: “Well, his Medicaid seems to be squared away...”
Wendy: “Hey, I take that... on your pen, for anxiety. Not all the time. Just when I need it.”
Pen: “Xanax XR” (0:45)

Jon tells Wendy, referring to the name of the nursing home she found, “It sounds like an insane asylum.” (0:52)

Jon reads Wendy’s words on an envelope: “These might help.” He finds inside the prescription bottle of Percocet.
Jon: “You stole painkillers from a dead woman?” He gives one to her. She swallows it. He swallows another. (0:58)

A support group leader asks Wendy and Jon, “You have a family member with dementia?... We’re talking about activities you can share with your confused elder on visiting day.” She holds a copy of “Dementia for Dummies..."
"When my mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s this was my bible... when you’re dealing with dementia you have to work extra hard... stimulate their memory... ” (1:01)

For his “Classic Movie Night” at the nursing home Lenny has chosen The Jazz Singer. (1:03)

Wendy tells Jon the pills she takes are “Antidepressants. You should try some.”
Jon: “I’m not depressed.” (1:06)

Administrator Roz tests Lenny’s orientation. (1:07)

Jon: “Wendy, the man’s got dementia.”
”And actually, this upward mobility fixation of yours... it’s counterproductive...” (1:08)

Wendy, referring to the light: “It’s depressing.”
She tells Jon, referring to animals: “They reduce stress...” (1:18)

The three drive past a cemetery. (1:30)

Lenny has died. Wendy weeps. (1:38)

Her lover Larry tells Wendy, referring to his golden retriever Marley, “She’s so depressed.” (1:44)

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