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The Seven-Per-Cent Solution

Nicol Williamson, Alan Arkin, Robert Duvall, Vanessa Redgrave, Laurence Olivier, Joel Grey, Samantha Eggar, Jeremy Kemp, Charles Gray, Georgia Brown, Anna Quayle, Jill Townsend, John Bird, Alison Leggett, Alison Leggatt
Sigmund Freud | cocaine
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Dr. Watson, referring to detective Sherlock Holmes: "Moriarty was a name I’d only known him to mutter when in the thrall of one of his cocaine injections."
Holmes’ speech is pressured. (0:03)

Phrenology bust on Holmes’ dresser (0:04)

Closeup of syringe
Watson: ”It would cast an unworthy shadow on a great man's memory for me to detail what effect this horrible drug had produced upon his faculties.” (0:07)

Professor Moriarty tells Watson, referring to Holmes, "He follows me about London, dogs my steps... in my case he fosters a ghastly illusion..." (0:08)

Watson tells his wife Mary, "Holmes must be weaned of his cocaine addiction..." (0:10)

Holmes’ brother Mycroft tells Watson, "... you arrive without your alter ego..."
Watson: ”The medical profession, you see, is woefully ignorant of the problems of addiction. He appears to have made a study of it in addition to his other work: hysteria and children.”
”At the rate your brother is using cocaine, he'll be dead within the year...” (0:12)

Mycroft tells Moriarty, "In memory of our past association." (0:15)

Watson narrates: "There was no point in remonstrating about Holmes’ use of cocaine. In fact, until we reached Austria I was ironically dependent upon it." (0:20)

Holmes tells a cab driver, "Let me refresh your memory." (0:24)

A bearded gentleman tells Holmes, "My name is Sigmund Freud."
”You are suffering from an abominable addiction...”
Holmes: ”Not from the fiendish coils of drug addiction, no man can do it.”
Freud: ”I've taken cocaine, and I'm free from its power.”
Holmes: ”Even now, I'm over come by this hideous compulsion.”
Freud: ”I will reduce this compulsion for a while. Do you know anything of the practice of hypnotism?”
”The hypnosis will banish your craving when it exerts itself... we shall artificially reduce your addiction...”
Freud uses a pocket watch to hypnotize Holmes.
Watson tells Freud, ”This is not an ordinary patient.” (0:27)

Freud asks Watson, "When and where did Herr Holmes begin using cocaine?"
Watson: ”For as long as I’ve known him he’s used it... How did you become interested in the drug?”
Freud: ”I was trained.. with a background in localized diagnosis... I'm interested in the area of the brain I call the unconscious.”
Watson: ”The unconscious? You're an alienist.”
Freud: ”I am interested in hysterical cases, and I use hypnosis to dig into their unconscious mind where I believe the hysterical symptoms originated. For example, Herr Holmes dependency on cocaine strikes me as a symptom, not a hysterical one, I grant you, but a symptom, an effect rather than a cause...”
”Knowing something as I do about drugs and drug addiction, I do not believe that the man succumbs to the negative appeal out of mere boredom.” (0:34)

Holmes appears to hallucinate “A snake!” after awakening from a dream about one.
Home styles Watson, ”Idiot... You insufferable cripple.”
Watson: ”Sherlock Holmes attempt to escape the coils of cocaine, in which he was so deeply enmeshed, was perhaps the most harrowing and heroic effort I have ever witnessed.” (0:36)

Holmes experiences visual distortions and hallucinations, including of worms, insects and snakes. (0:40)

Freud tells Watson, referring to Holmes, "He will need hypnosis periodically still." (0:47)

Freud tells Watson, referring to Holmes, "In order to effect what I will describe as a total cure, it is necessary to trace the origin of his compulsion, the reason for his use of cocaine." (0:47)

Baron von Leinsdorf tells the others, "Dr. Freud. Not the same doctor Freud who was asked to leave the staff of the [hospital] because of his charming assertion that young men sleep with their mothers?" (0:48)

Freud reads to his wife from a letter: "Attempted suicide."
Freud tells Holmes, ”Your craving could reassert itself at any moment.” (0:54)

Another doctor tells Freud, referring to patient Lola Devereaux, "She threw herself off the... bridge last night... We put her under sedation when she was brought in." (0:55)

Freud, referring to Devereaux: "She was a patient of mine some months ago, but see Herr Holmes where the ravages of cocaine lead?"
Holmes lifts the sheet from her lacerated feet and ankles.
”She had a terrible relapse and tried to destroy herself.”
Holmes: ”She has not relapsed voluntarily.”
”She's been... force-fed her drugs.”
Freud: ”But why should she attempt suicide after struggling to free herself?”
”Once free, her addiction began to reassert itself... There's only one other method of dealing with her dependence on the drug.”
Holmes tells her, ”Being an addict myself I have every sympathy with your condition.”
She describes her abductor: ”He walked with little nervous jumps.” (0:56)

Holmes tells Watson and Freud, "Having owned my addiction, I must also own the time in need of constant supervision. Your hypnotic therapy may be required at any time, doctor. A man who believes his mathematics tutor to be a serpent from Eden Is not the person to grapple with the intricacies of Miss Devereaux's abduction."
”Will you please take me home and hypnotize me?”
Freud: ”I will hypnotize you right here.”
Holmes: ”Are you blackmailing me into helping your patient?”
Freud: ”You are both my patients...” (1:02)

Holmes tells Freud and Watson, "Chemists dispense drugs, and drugs were the staple diet of our abducted Miss Devereaux, and the likelihood is, that whoever held her prisoner knew of her dependence on them and wished to re-establish it. See, when somebody is turned into an addict, they're turned into a slave.... However if one is cured... their addiction is very likely a secret concern to the past..." (1:04)

Freud tries to hypnotize Holmes.
Freud: “The urge for cocaine is diminishing. The very thought of cocaine is making you sick...”
”They're the most intelligent horses in the world.”
He tells Holmes, ”Wake up, without your craving for cocaine.” (1:08)

Freud asks Holmes, "What is this egocentric streak...?"

Holmes, referring to Devereaux: ”If she was an addict, how much strength could she have had?”
”You needn't worry. Dr. Watson will prevent my stealing hospital supplies of cocaine.” (1:12)

Freud tells the others, "The whole thing turns on two psychological points: The Baron’s compulsive gambling...."
Freud tells the chemist, ”The Baron is a compulsive gambler.”
”Knowing of her former narcotic addiction, you were instructed... So much for the psychological point of view” (1:23)

Freud tells Holmes, "That woman is my patient." (1:26)

Holmes tells Freud,"Your hypnotic therapy has saved me from a terrible addiction..."
Freud: ”Let me hypnotize you once more before you go.”
After hypnotising him Freud asks Holmes, ”When did you first start using cocaine?”
Holmes recalls, as a young boy, witnessing his father murdering his mother.
Freud: ”You'll remember nothing.
Freud tells Watson, referring to Holmes, ”We understand not only the origin of his addiction...”
”You will recall we spoke of an area of the mind called the unconscious.” (1:41)

Holmes tells Watson, "It's only that I must complete my recovery." (1:48)