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The Squid and the Whale

CastJeff Daniels, Laura Linney, Jesse Eisenberg, Owen Kline, William Baldwin, Halley Feiffer, Anna Paquin, Ken Leung, David Benger, Adam Rose
Year released2005
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His mother Joan tells young Frank, "That is such an idiotic, stupid thing to do." (0:02)

Bernard tails Frank and his older brother Walt, "We're going to have joint custody." (0:11)

His friend tells Walt, "Joint custody blows."
”My dad freaked out... God, joint custody blows.” (0:14)

Poster: "The Mother and the Whore" (0:17)

Bernard tells Walt, referring to Joan, "Her affair with that man Richard finally made it difficult finally for me to save the marriage."
”A shrink.” (0:19)

By telephone, Frank tells Walt, referring to Joan, "She also had an affair with some therapist..."
Walt: ”She's crazy.”
Frank: ”You have to, joint custody.”
Walt: ”F*** joint custody.” (0:22)

Bernard tells Frank, "You liked The Wild Child when we saw it." (0:27)

Bernard tells Joan, "Maybe that's an illusion..." (0:30)

Bernard's student Lili, noticing the poster: "The Mother and the Whore, looks like a cool movie." (0:33)

Walt tells Bernard, "So we were thinking Short Circuit."
Blue Velvet is supposed to be quite interesting.”
They watch Blue Velvet in a theater. (0:35)

Walt asks his friend Sophie, "What's the obsession with sex?"
Sophie: ”Well, it's not an obsession.” (0:50)

Lili tells Walt, "Don't worry."
Lili: ”I used to hand in Lou Reed lyrics in my poetry class...” (0:51)

Joan tells Bernard, referring to the boys, "It's confusing for them." (0:57)

Bernard tells Walt, referring to Walt's teacher Simic, "He wants you to see a therapist."
”... unfortunately, probably a guy with a BA in psychology, not a real shrink.” (0:58)

His psychotherapist tells Walt, "I have an MA in developmental psychology from the Yale child studies program."
Walt: ”Isn't that kind of a stock question for a shrink?”
”Oh, when I was around 6, my mom and I, uh, she and I ducked out of Julie Glenn's birthday party to watch Robin Hood together on our TV.” (0:58)

What asks Joan, "Do you remember when we watched Robin Hood?" (1:06)

Bernard tells John, "You had an affair for 4 years with that f****** shrink that ruined our marriage..."
Joan: ”You only wanted joint custody ‘cause you pay less child support that way.” (1:08)

Bernard asks Joan, "Don't you remember the last line of Godard’s À bout de souffle? Bel Mondo calls Seberg a bitch. " (1:09)

Bernard tells Walt, "You're in my custody." (1:12)

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