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The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

Tommy Chong, Joe Rogan, Norm Stamper, Larry Campbell, Jack A. Cole, Jeffery Miron, Steve Bloom, Marc Emery, Ian Mulgrew
marijuana | caffeine | coffee | tetrahydrocannabinol | cocaine | heroin | nicotine | tobacco | ethyl alcohol | deadly nightshade | crack cocaine | synthetic | morphine | coca leaves | Marinol | methamphetamine
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"Marijuana History 101"
"... also known as cannabis... "
Label: "Rawleigh's Colic & Bloat compound 90% alcohol... Cannibus Sativa... Belladonna Root... Aconite Root"
"... hemp... you couldn't get high from it."
Movie: "Reefer Madness"
"The new marijuana tax act..."

Soldiers sharing a joint. (0:03)

"and if prohibition is meant to protect us..." (0:05)

Jeffrey Miron: "... I want to know whether you've been using cocaine or marijuana..." (0:06)

Smoking a glass waterpipe.
"It's different than nicotine... tobacco smoke..." (0:10)

"The number one killer... beat out... heroin, crack, cocaine, alcohol... Tobacco... Caffeine. (0:11)

Biochemist Paul Hornby: "... you have to smoke something like 15,000 joints in 20 minutes to get a toxic amount of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol."
Couple sharing joint.
"Take addiction... addictive substance..."
"You can choose between jail or treatment."
Brief shots of heroin preparation, cocaine on a mirror, preparation of a joint." (0:13)

Physician Grinspoon: "It provides no basis for speaking about addiction... two researchers... rate drugs in order of addiction. Nicotine was one, alcohol was two, then heroin, and then cocaine, and then coffee, and then marijuana... at the very bottom."
Newsreel: "This narcotic, unlike the synthetics and cocaine..."
Brief shots of heroin preparation, cocaine lines on a mirror, and preparation of a joint. (0:15)

"Is marijuana a gateway drug?"
"... a stepping stone to the harder drugs such as morphine and heroin." (0:16)

Syringe and needle.
"... smoke a joint..."
Shooting into arm with track marks. (0:17)

Drugs prepared for distribution.
"They all smoked pot." (0:18)

"But what about the potency of the drug?"
"... higher THC levels..."
"Columbian dope..." (0:20)

"The madness continues..."
"... has the potential to exacerbate symptoms of... schizophrenia. (0:27)

Paraphernalia; bag of joints; "beasters," slang for bud from BC (British Columbia). (0:30)

Sales, paraphernalia in Vancouver. (0:45)

“I think we... got contact highs just from being around the smoke.” (0:46)

Cocaine. (0:51)

Pipes in shop display case. (1:07)

Smoking joints at rally in Vancouver, BC. (1:11)

“American coca products.” (1:14)

Grinspoon: “This THC in Marinol is exactly the same...” (1:23)

“Those were signs of getting high.” (1:25)

“How many people... are addicted to antidepressants? How many people who are on antidepressants really have imbalances... depressed?”
Bayer brand Heroin bottle: “... cure for morphine addiction.”

Tommy Chong: “Pseudoephedrine. That’s the main ingredient in methamphetamine...” (1:26) 

Greg: “... have just enjoyed however many tokes?” (1:29)