These criteria are obsolete!

That's the label BehaveNet will add to the DSM-IV TR criteria in a matter of days when APPI publishes the new and very controversial DSM-5 -- unless you act now. I just spoke by telephone with Cecilia Stoute in the permissions department at American Psychiatric Publishing. She admitted that APPI had "lost a lot of money" by selling BehaveNet the rights to publish criteria from prior editions and refused to consider allowing us to publish even the criteria from the fifth edition slated for release during the upcoming meeting of the American Psychiatric Association.

Regardless of how you feel about the new edition, should one organization hold the keys to diagnosing you or your patient? Should that organization profit from suffering, hold a monopoly on the market in mental illness? At Amazon as of today you will will pay $135.88 for the book, and APPI charges at least $420 per year for Web access. But suppose you just need the criteria for your diagnosis.

Here's what you can do to pressure APA to allow us to publish the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria:

  • Contact Cecilia Stoute at APA: 703-907-8547;
  • Tweet and Tweetchat: @APP_Publishing @behavenet
  • #DSM5
  • #APAAM13
  • Comment on Dinah's post over at Shrinkrap.

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