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Things Behind the Sun

Aria Alpert, Ruben Anders, Rosanna Arquette
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The film opens with singer Sherry drunk in Carmen's front yard.
Carmen tells a policeman, "Every year she comes here."
The policeman refers to Sherry's "intoxication."

Owen experiences erectile dysfunction. (0:03)

A judge orders Sherry to "attend 30 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in 30 days." (0:06)

Band manager Chuck offers Sherry what she needs for her "hangover." (0:08)

Reporter Lulu tells reporter Owen, "This song is about a rape [the singer] experienced."
Lulu "Her arrest might be symptomatic of..."
Owen: "Posttraumatic Stress Disorder." (0:13)

Lulu tells Owen "He turned out to be a junky... junkies are so sneaky."
Owen: "I prefer alcoholics to junkies. Alcoholics are more in touch."
"Junkies are people who don't know who they are, whereas alcoholics on the other hand know damn well who they are, and that's why they're drinking: to forget." (0:18)

Owen experiences erectile dysfunction again. (0:20)

Magazine editor Pete asks Owen, "Do I look like a... shrink?" (0:25)

Sherry engages in sex with two men. Does this constitute a repetition compulsion? reenactment of her rape? (0:34)

Sherry asks the band, "Do you think I planned to blackout..?" (0:38)

Partiers smoke joints. Partier Cathy explains that she wants to leave because "I'm very high right now..."
Partier Dan (?), Owen's brother, asks Cathy, "You smoke my dope and just bail?" (0:47)

Sherry tells Owen that Nick Drake influenced her work. (0:55)

Owen tells Sherry "He shot himself." (1:00)

Sherry tells Owen, "I got an AA meeting." (1:06)

Flashback. Is this a cinematic flashback, or Sherry's reexperiencing of the event? (1:07)

Sherry tells Owen, "It's just easier to be with the guys that don't matter... the ones that don't know me."
Sherry, "There's the meeting." (1:09)

At a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous a speaker exhorts those in attendance to "Just take one day at a time.."
An AA member tells Sherry, "Here's a copy of the Big Book and a directory of all the meetings..." (1:13)

Sherry tells Owen, "I don't remember that much about it... pieces missing."
"The only way to get turned on is by acting out the very thing that ruined your life." (1:16)

Sherry tells Owen, "For the past three years in a row I have been busted for showing up at that house."
"No idea why I was drawn there." (1:22)

Dan, smoking a joint, asks Sherry, "You like to get high Sherry?" (1:24)

Sherry returns to the house where she was raped. Carmen, the new occupant of the house, treats her with kindness. (1:40)

At another AA meeting members recite the Serenity Prayer, then "Keep coming back. It works if you work it." (1:46)

Nick Drake sings Things Behind The Sun during closing credits. (1:54)