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Tuesdays with Morrie

Jack Lemmon, Hank Azaria, Wendy Moniz, Caroline Aaron, Bonnie Bartlett, Aaron Lustig, Bruce Nozick, Ivo Cutzarida, John Carroll Lynch, Dan Thiel, Kyle Sullivan, Christian J. Meoli
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By telephone, sports reporter Mitch Albom tells his vocalist girlfriend Janine, "It's crazy here." (0:04)

Mitch tells his terminally ill friend and college professor Morrie Schwartz, referring to a class, "We started panicking." (0:14)

Mitch tells Morrie, referring to people in Detroit, "They’re nuts for sports." (0:15)

His boss Walter Moran tells Mitch, "I could recommend a hell of a counselor." (0:22)

Mitch: "America had become a bazaar of self-help... What did Morrie think about that? He wasn't in the self-help business." (0:23)

Morrie tells Mitch, "... I cry, and I rage. I mourn, and then I detach... Well, that's self-pity, and that's enough of that for today." (0:29)

Mitch tells Morrie, referring to Morrie's taste for tongue, "It's like a repressed memory." (0:39)

Mitch tells Morrie, referring to Mitch's Uncle Mike, "... He was 42 when he died."
Morrie, referring to his mother: ”She went to the hospital, and she died there.” (0:40)

Mitch, reporting on football star Shawn Daley: "Cut to last night: sports car, drinking, drugs, tree... You've got your whole life left to screw up in, you stupid idiot."
Mitch reports: ”Sean, who managed to squeak past his SATs, had no such luck with his drug and alcohol tests.” (0:51)

Mitch: "I hate sports metaphors." (0:58)

Morrie asks Mitch, "You know how my father died?"
”I was selfish.” (1:13)

Shawn Daley tells Mitch, "I've had real excellent counseling, and I've learned from my mistakes."
Mitch: ”When they dropped the drug charges?” (1:19)

Mitch: "Morrie died on a Saturday morning."
Family and friends attend the burial of Morrie. (1:26)