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Virgil Bliss

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Clint Jordan, Kirsten Russell, Anthony Gorman
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Official Gillette tells Parolee Virgil the rules, "No drugs, no alcohol..." (0:08)

Parolee Manny offers a pint liquor bottle to Virgil, "Snort?" (0:09)

Is this group psychotherapy? (0:19, 0:40)

Ruby asks Virgil, "You a... retard?" (0:29)

Ruby buys drug from a dealer. (0:38)

A used syringe. Ruby appears intoxicated. Heroin? (0:39, 0:56)

Virgil tells Ruby what happened after he saw his friend shot dead: "I saw white." (0:46)

Virgil, holding a packet of weight powder, asks Ruby, "How much this cost you?"
"You do it every day?"
Ruby: "I ain't no crack ho' and I ain't no junkie."
"It's an addiction, like smoking.""You're still addicted ain't you?" (0:52)

Virgil beats Manny. (1:29)

Would Virgil meet criteria for Intermittent Explosive Disorder?