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Walk the Line

Joaquin Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon, Ginnifer Goodwin, Robert Patrick, Shelby Lynne, Dan Beene, Larry Bagby, Lucas Till, Ridge Canipe, Hailey Anne Nelson, Tyler Hilton, Brittany Shaw
Johnny Cash | Elvis Presley | amphetamine
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Young Johnny Cash and his parents watch as his brother dies. (0:09)

Johnny's mother Carrie tells Johnny, "Last month that Purvis boy got confused and shot himself." (0:11)

Narrator: "Is it any wonder a man sometimes went berserk and fought the hated walls that shut him in?" (0:14)

His wife Vivian asks singer/songwriter Johnny, "Are you drunk?"
Johnny, referring to Marshall Grant: ”He was so nervous.” (0:29)

Singer June Carter tells Johnny, "Don't worry." (0:31)

Johnny tells Vivian, "It's just crazy right now, that's all." (0:43)

June answers singer Jerry Lee Lewis, "Cuz you're drunk."
”I must have been crazy.” (1:04)

Johnny tells June, "You don't have to worry about bookings..." (1:10)

Musician Carl Perkins asks his musician brother Luther, "Are you out of your rabid-ass mind?" (1:16)

Close up of prescription bottles and black capsules. Amphetamine? (1:20)

Johnny tells June, "I need those pills... Those are my prescriptions from the doctor, okay?" (1:24)

Johnny tells Vivian, "You know I got prescriptions."
Vivian, referring to June: ”Does she think it's fine her new boy’s a drug addict?” (1:29)

June asks Johnny, "What, did he get high?" (1:36)

His father Ray tells Johnny, "I quit drinking a long time ago, J.R." (1:44)

A record company executive asks Johnny, "And what's with the black? It's depressing." (1:54)

June tells Johnny, "You haven't been clean even six months." (2:01)