What If Psychotherapy Required Physician Referral?

I didn't think much of it when my own physician wrote me some kind of order or prescription for 12 sessions of physical therapy a couple months ago, maybe just whether my medical insurance would claims for additional sessions differently. But a few days ago I was surprised to read in a physician forum a discussion of possible ramifications if physical therapists were allowed to treat patients directly, that is without referral from a physician. I had always assumed that patients could self refer to physical therapists in much the same way they can to psychotherapists.

This led me to wonder what it would be like if one could only engage the services of a psychotherapist with an order from the physician, maybe not necessarily even a psychiatrist. Maybe this would only apply to reimbursement. In other words you could self refer at will provided you paid cash, but perhaps there would be reimbursement from healthcare payers only with physician referral. Maybe it already works this way for some carriers.

How would this impact a typical psychotherapy practice? How would physicians determine whether to refer for psychotherapy? Would they get to know better the psychotherapists to whom they referred? It already seems to me that even psychiatrists might find it difficult to find a local psychotherapist who provides the type of psychotherapy best suited to a patient's particular problem. I suspect most physicians lump it all together as psychotherapy or counseling and don't know the difference between psychoanalysis and dialectical behavior therapy or between family system psychotherapy and primal scream. Certainly it would seem that physicians might be inundated with marketing efforts by psychotherapists clamoring for referrals. Maybe physicians would thus learn something about psychotherapy methods. Or would busy physicians just ignore it all and blindly authorize whatever treatment they are patients requested?

Under such a system might there be more communication, real collaboration, between physician and psychotherapist? Would it be easier or more difficult for patients to get treatment? What would be the impact on health care costs overall? Would such a policy solve problems or just create new ones?

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