What Kinds of Psychotherapy?

Most psychotherapists seem to indicate proficiency in multiple methods of psychotherapy on their practice Websites. How many do you actually use in your practice, or, if you are a patient, how many does your psychotherapist use in your treatment?

When I provided psychotherapy it consisted almost entirely of Bowenian family systems with a rare morsel of Transactional Analysis, but my psychiatry residency program exposed me to structural family, psychodynamic, CBT, relaxation training, biofeedback, hypnosis, Gestalt and Jungian approaches. I never mentioned these on my practice Website, nor did I ever tell my patients what kind of psychotherapy I used with them. Now that I refer out to psychotherapists I do educate patients about the differences in, say, CBT and psychodynamic, and I often ask patients how their psychotherapists work with them.

Do you tell your patients what kind (or kinds. Many psychotherapists draw from multiple methods.) of psychotherapy you treat them with? What about all the other methods you never use? Do you educate patients about methods you do not use so they can make an informed choice?

If you are a patient, do you feel adequately informed by your psychotherapist, or would you like them to tell you more?

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