What's making more Greeks kill themselves?

According to a piece I heard on NPR a couple days ago suicides are up in Greece. Is this because of reduced availability of psychiatric treatment or factors more directly related to the country's economic problems?

In psychiatry we have a tendency to associate suicide with mental illness. Since we believe we can treat mental illness we have promoted the myth that we can prevent suicide, but with unintended negative consequences. For example, wrongful death represents one of the top claims in psychiatric malpractice suits. Because of this, those of us in a position to do so shun risky patients, making it more difficult and costly for them to find care, and possibly increasing the risk they will kill themselves. If we get stuck with caring for a risky patient the focus shifts from optimizing treatment (assuming there really is an illness to treat) to desperate attempts to control the patient's behavior.

We should accept that suicide arises almost always out of free choice and focus our efforts on treating illness instead of pretending that we can control behavior. Even when patients who suffer from mental illness choose to end their lives the motivation may have little or nothing to do with the illness.

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