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Wristcutters: A Love Story

Patrick Fugit, Abraham Benrubi, Shannyn Sossamon, Leslie Bibb, Mark Boone Junior, Cameron Bowen, Mikal Portnoi Lazarev, Clayne Crawford, Tom Waits, Chase Ellison, John Hawkes, Will Arnett, Jake Busey, Shea Whigham, Mary Pat Gleason, Irwin Keyes, Jazzmun
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Zia cuts his wrists with a razor and falls to the floor. (0:03)

Burial of Zia (0:04)

Closeup of Zia's scarred wrists.
Zia, narrating: "Soon after I killed myself I found a job here at Kamikaze pizza."
"I've thought about suicide again, but I haven't tried it... I even had a feeling that this whole suicide thing just made me miss her and love her more..." (0:05)

Tania tells Zia, "Listen, my friend Rachel and I, we play this game where we try to figure out how people off themselves."
Zia shows her his scars.
Tania slumping on an oven door with the gas on.
Another patron tells Zia, referring to women, "They always end up leaving with some retarded big-Joe guy.
Zia: "How did you, uh, you know, off yourself?"
Eugene electrocutes himself. (0:07)

Eugene tells Zia, "Mom offed because she was missing Russia a lot."
Eugene's father Ivan prepares to hang himself.
Zia: "That's the craziest thing I've ever heard, man." (0:10)

Kostya prepares to hang himself. (0:13)

Zia tells Eugene's family, "You know, when I see you guys like this it kind of makes me miss my parents, even though most of the time they just kind of freaked me out." (0:14)

Zia tells Eugene, "It just makes me depressed."
Eugene: "So what are you going to do, kill yourself?" (0:15)

Brian asks Zia, "You know how people say that suicides happen in threes?"
"You know, when people start offing themselves around you... but I think it was Desiree's suicide that really hit me."
Referring to Zia's girlfriend: "She offed herself about a month after you." (0:16)

Zia tells Eugene: "Call it intuition or whatever." (0:17)

Eugene tells Zia, "Arabs -- suicides. Doesn't that freak you out...?" (0:21)

Mike and Jimmy bleeding to death in a hot tub. (0:22)

Eugene tells Zia and their friend Mikal that Desiree ended up with "Probably some black guy who hanged himself by his dick." (0:29)

Mikal tells a policeman, "That's absolutely retarded."
"I was just trying to make this place a little less depressing."
The policeman, as soldier in combat, places the muzzle of his firearm in his mouth and pulls the trigger. (0:38)

Zia reads what others have written: "I was wondering if I was too drunk to drive." (0:43)

Zia asks a man (Kneller) lying in the road, "You on drugs or something?"(0:48)

Kneller tells the others, referring to Nanuk, "She's a mute." (0:51)

Zia tells Mikal, "I had this dream... my suicide didn't work."
Referring to Nanuk and Eugene: "And half her family offed, just like his."
Mikal: "When are you gonna stop being obsessed with those silly little miracles?"
Zia: "When you stop being obsessed with all that people-in-charge shit."
Mikal: "I never killed myself. I just OD'd." (0:55)

Mikal slumped in a car, holding a syringe. (0:56)

Kneller tells Mikal and Zia, "This is where intravenous drug users and prostitutes congregated." (1:05)

Messiah King tells Kneller, "You're confusing the dog." (1:08)

Desiree tells Zia, "And then after you offed I just had to leave town..."
She tells Zia how she killed herself. (1:08)

Messiah King stabs himself in the chest. Kneller, into his radio: "This guy's gone crazy." (1:12)

Zia tells Nanuk and Eugene, "So Kneller never did actually kill himself."
Eugene: "... I know it sounds crazy..." (1:16)

Kneller inspects and removes a file from the suicide archives. (1:23)