Zombie Drugs Defeat Policy

The sellers of Zombie Matter, perhaps the latest legal (so far) version of "synthetic" marijuana chose the right brand name. Every time DEA kills a cannabinoid by placing it in Schedule 1 a new version seems to spring to life. This new version may be more addictive and dangerous than good old fashioned "natural" pot, and undetected with drug screens currently in use. If you do not believe the negative test results on the product Web site it is probably only a matter of time before a patient reports using the drug and testing negative at home with a retail drug test.

I predict that DEA will soon identify the psychoactive compound or compounds in Zombie Matter and classify them as Schedule 1 too. Will another zombie drug then rise from the dead? Will its use lead to even more problems for those who use it than its predecessors?

Like the song asks, "When will they ever learn?" But for drug policy that seems to demonstrate its failure more every day would anyone have had an incentive to market these drugs? Let's demand drug policy that avoids giving new life to the very business it pretends to kill.

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