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( mind altering drug, mind-altering drug, mind altering substance, mind-altering substance, molecular entity, psychoactive drug, psychotropic )
  • Noun: The term drug may refer to any non-food chemical substance or preparation administered for the purpose of correcting or attenuating a disease process (therapeutic drug) or for pleasure (recreational drug). Almost all drugs of interest in the realm of behavioral health care (psychiatry and addiction medicine) achieve their primary effects in the brain (central nervous system) and may also be referred to as psychoactive or psychotropic. Many such drugs (e.g., morphine, diazepam, amphetamine, nitrous oxide) may be used for either of these two purposes. Some Drugs judged to have abuse potential are classified according to schedules of controlled substances by the DEA. (The list below also includes some substances which are classified as foods or dietary supplements.)
  • Verb: To administer a drug to another person, perhaps without their knowledge or consent.




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