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A catalog of films, indexed by time, with content, themes or depictions related to mental illness, addiction and their treatment.

Posted on: 12/09/2023

Movie theater manager Ben Tagawa tells filmmaker Ramon, "Insane." (0:03)

Ben tells his lover Miko Higashi, "... it’s depressing to see a room full of people lose their minds..."
”That would be even more depressing.” (0:05)

Ben tells his college student friend Alice Lee, "The entire theater was going insane..."
Waitress Nina, referring to her hair: ”... I thought it would be a good idea to get drunk and cut it myself..”
Alice: ”We could get drunk first.”
Alice tells Ben, ”Because of your inherent bad personality.” (0:06)

Concession stand clerk Lamont asks his coworker Gene, "Did you hear the theory that Snowpiercer’s a sequel to Willy Wonka?"

12/07/2023 - Phaedra
12/06/2023 - Intolerance
12/05/2023 - About My Father

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