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A catalog of films, indexed by time, with content, themes or depictions related to mental illness, addiction and their treatment.

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Political activist Bayard Rustin, referring to card games: "... Crazy Eights." (0:10)

Activist Tyrone: "... This white man takes this pipe and hits me over and over. Hit me with pipe" 
Another activist tells activist Tom Kahn, ”... Beat you so bad your body starts to scream, beat you like they beat Tyrone. Beat you till you’re calling for your mama.” 
Rustin, pointing at his cheek: ”Only aim left. A policeman in ‘42 already took care of the right.” (0:11)

Rustin tells Tom, "Offering my face as a punching bag to a would-be Sugar Ray wasn’t enough?“
Tom smokes a marijuana cigarette. (0:13)

Rustin: "Do not kill an impulse before it’s born." (0:16)

A. Philip Randolph tells Rustin, "... I need you to…

- Downton Abbey
- Old Dads
- The Lawnmower Man

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