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extinction (ABA)

The withholding of reinforcement.  Removal of reinforcement that decreases a behavior would be considered a negative punisher NOT extinction.  As an example, if your spouse typically takes out the trash because you clean the bathroom, and you stop cleaning the bathroom (therefore withholding their reinforcement), their behavior of taking out the trash is likely to decrease.  Of course, in this example, we see how it is possible to inadvertently apply extinction procedures which will result in undesirable outcomes (a smelly kitchen trash AND a dirty bathroom).  However, if you and your spouse are planning to go to dinner, and they know if they pester enough they will get to pick the restaurant, and you consistently decide to not give in with the pestering, eventually the pestering will cease.  Thus, giving us another example - only this time one with a desirable outcome.

Definition reproduced by permission from Amanda N. Kelly at Behaviorbabe.

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