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CastDudley Moore, Bo Derek, Julie Andrews, Robert Webber, Brian Dennehy, Dee Wallace, Sam J. Jones
Year released1979
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Composer George tells lyricist Hugh, “You know, for a man who’s never been analyzed...“
Hugh: ”I could have analyzed you a lot better than that expensive shrink.” (0:07)

His actress girlfriend Samantha tells George, “Try an antihistamine.” (0:16)

Sam tells George, “... I think a telescope aimed at anything other than the stars is an invasion of privacy and qualifies the voyeur as a peeping Tom...”
”... fooling around with your degenerate neighbor?”
George: “... I don’t equate the term exclusively with sex, voyeurism, or quote, ‘degeneracy’...” (0:19)

In a psychotherapy session "shrink" Dr. Croce asks George, “What were your thoughts at the moment of this fixation?”
”But not to the point where I got all hung up with it. You’re becoming obsessed with the ugliness of old age... You get a fixation on a beautiful young girl...” (0:29)

The reverend tells George, “Whenever Mrs. Kissell breaks wind we beat the dog.”
George: ”I mean, I think I’m fairly well psychologically oriented. I’ve talked to psychologists, psychiatrists” (0:34)

Dentist Dr. Miles injects George with a local anesthetic.” (0:40)

A policeman tells George, “This prescription’s made out to G. Webber.”
Policeman #2: ”Pain pills and alcohol don’t mix.” (0:47)

Hugh tells Sam, referring to George, “Unfortunately, it’s going to take him a while to find out that he’s a certified imbecile.” (0:59)

George tells bartender Don, “I’d like a strong black cup of coffee and some amphetamines.”
Don: “Well, may I suggest the dining room and the local pusher...” (1:00)

George tells Don, “Couldn’t sleep.” (1:08)

Bar patron Mary tells George, “I met you at Truman Capote’s party.” (1:09)

Mary tells George, referring to a lover, “One time he got so crazy he just started punching the wall.” (1:11)

George tells Mary he played Funny Valentine “At Truman Capote’s party.” (1:30)

Newlywed Jenny tells George, “... there’s a joint in the ashtray.”
”Some grass?”
Jenny tokes the joint. (1:31)

Jenny lights a joint and offers it to George.
Jenny: “George, I forgot the joint.”
Referring to her husband David: “They just gave him another shot of Demerol...”
George: “... there’s more to life than turning on and screwing to Ravel’s Bolero.”
Jenny: “... what’s wrong with turning on and screwing to Ravel’s Bolero?”
Jenny lights and tokes her joint again.” (1:37)

Reference in Dumb and Dumber

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