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2 Days in Paris

CastAdam Goldberg, Julie Delpy, Daniel Brühl, Marie Pillet, Albert Delpy, Aleksia Landeau, Adan Jodorowsky, Alexandre Nahon, Charlotte Maury-Sentier, Vanessa Seward, Thibault De Lussy
Year released2007
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Photographer Marion tells her interior designer lover Jack, “You’re a... psycho.” (0:02)

Their cab driver tells Marion and Jack, “I had two wives and I beat them both.” (0:05)

Marion’s sister Rose: “Mom, is Marion a retard?” (0:07)

Marion: “The doctors had prescribed tons new medication...” (0:07)

Jack tells Marion, “Okay, pretend you’re on drugs.”
Marion: ”What drugs?”
Jack: “Heroin, of course.” (0:12)

Marion tells her mother Anna, referring to pet cat Jean Luc, “They’ll put him in the luggage compartment, drug him, and...” (0:18)

Marion tells her art gallery owner father Jeannot, “I’ve got a fat ass because I stopped smoking 18 months ago.”
Jeannot: “What a bunch of idiots.”
Referring to Jack, ”He’s not like the morons you usually bring home.” (0:21)

Marion tells her sister Rose, “But you help people with learning disabilities.”
Rose: “Once and for all, I help children with psychological problems, not retards!” (0:25)

Marion and Jack walk through Père Lachaise cemetery. (0:27)

Marion: “The illusion of chaos in which we live is actually quite orderly...” (0:29)

Jack tells Marion, “We can get codeine over the counter here, right?”
Marion: “You can’t buy opiates over the counter... Maybe you can find some heroin over the counter.”
Jack: “I’ve seen Last Tango more than anybody on the planet.” (0:32)

Marion tells Jack, referring to her friends, “He was drunk. I was drunk. We were all drunk.”
”I as drunk. Everyone was drunk...”
Jack: “Like in a retarded way.” (0:35)

A cab driver tells Marion, “She’s married to that guy from ‘Fatal Attraction.’” (0:37)

Marion asks Jeannot, “Are you nuts?” (0:39)

Marion’s artist friend Mathieu tells Jac, “I actually call it Hitler’s moustache.” (0:44)

Jack asks Marion, “Is it amnesia?” (0:47)

Rose tells Jack, “I’m a child psychologist.” (0:48)

A partier asks Jack, “You think Hitler would let you go...?” (0:49)

Jack asks Marion, “You told this paranoid crazy person he could stay at our place in August?” (0:50)

Marion tells the partier, “He has anger management issues.” (0:51)

Marion tells another partier, “These old perverts wanted me to blow them.” (0:51)

Jack asks the doctor for “Antihistamine?” for Marion. (0:54)

Marion tells Jack, referring to the cab driver, “We’re dealing with a... psychopath...”
She mimics Hitler. (0:55)

Jack tells Marion, “When we get back to the states we’re checking you into an anger management slash rehab clinic.”
Marion: “I’m not in the mood anymore.”
”Now I’m traumatized.”
“I’m probably bulimic or anorexic.”
“Who wasn’t in the mood?” (0:57)

Jack tells Marion, “Listen, I have such a terrible hangover...” (1:02)

Jack tells Marion, “I stayed up ‘til 4 watching M. I’m starting to get paranoid...”
Jeannot: “A hangover?” (1:06)

Her old friend Gaël tells Marion, “You’re crazy. It’s all in your head.”
His friend Edouard tells Gaël, referring to Marion, “She’s insane.” (1:13)

Jack tells Marion, “You’re like a crazy person. crazy eyes.”
”You had crazy eyes.”
”You have an impulse control disorder, and you need to be medicated.”
Marion: ”It’s your ego that’s too big for French condoms...” (1:14)

Diner Lukas tells Jack, “You seem a bit stressed out.” (1:22)

Rose tells Mathieu, “No psychology.”
Rose: “Marion, what got into you, wanting to screw this idiot?” (1:27)

Marion asks Jack, “Are you drunk?”

Jack, describing Lukas: “... or a schizophrenic vegan, maybe.” (1:31)

Would you diagnose Jack with Hypochondriasis or baccilophobia?

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